IDTA community gathering – 16 september


We are getting closer to the date for our next online event and we still have a couple of spaces left to fill with presenters.

We have been running online Community Gathering events since April 2016 and are now planning our 4th to run on Saturday 16 September 1100-1500 UK time (BST). Attendance is a free benefit to all IDTA members, and this time we have offered it free to all ITAA members also, to celebrate IDTA becoming an ITAA Partner Organisation.

For the April 2016 event we had participation from Belgium, India, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Slovenia as well as from the UK, with requests to have the recordings received from members in Russia and the USA because the UK timings meant that the event was running in the middle of the night 🙂 Then on 1st October 2016 we ran a second event, with participation from those same countries, and from Brazil and Switzerland.  Our third and most recent event was on 22 April 2017 and added participation from Netherlands and Turkey.

Each time, we have had sessions that lasted anything from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.  We run the whole thing as one 4-hour event, with a 20-minute break, so that all participants are logged in for all presentations.  We are using Zoom, which is great because it allows for any number of Webcams to be showing and also allows plenty of audience participation.

We are now inviting people to offer to present on 16th September. Whether you are qualified in TA or not, we will welcome you if you have something interesting to share, whether that be a new approach to some TA theory, how you have been working with clients, using TA alongside non-TA approaches, or indeed anything else that is likely to interest our members.

We are especially keen to hear from people in as wide a range of countries as possible. If the times don’t work for you, we can help you make a recording in advance and then send you back the recording along with the questions participants have asked so you can respond to them by email – or through another short recording.   Don’t worry about the technology – all you need to do is click on an internet link we will provide.

So, wherever you are in the world, why not offer to present. If you are in TA training, you get credit for the hours as live supervision because there will be P/TSTAs on the call.  All we need at this point is the title for your presentation, two or three sentences about it, two or three sentences about you as presenter and including your TA involvement so far, and some indication of how long a session you would like to run.

It would be really helpful to get that very soon so we can finalise the programme and get the publicity out.   Once we see what offers we have, we will then be able to get back to you and confirm whether you are in the schedule

Julie Hay

IDTA Executive Director

To offer to present, or to book your place as a participant, please email