EATA newsletter juni 2015

Beste lezer,
Bijgaande mail ontvingen we van de EATA:
Dear Members of EATA,
with this June issue of EATA Newsletter
– you find it via the link: –
we are about to come to the moment of the EATA Conference in Rome, 9th-11th July. You can check the website for the conference program, social program and the possibility of registration for one or two days. You can also visit the EATA official FB page for the latest about it.
In this issue, you will find an incredible variety of experiences and contributions from members around Europe, the reflection about ethical issue from Robin Hobbes, some interesting news from PTSC and the announcement of very important appointments for all our TA community.
The issue will be open not by my editorial, but from our President, Marco Mazzetti, to whom I give all my thanks…
I also want to introduce something about the way you can approach the EATA Newsletter: when you go to the Newsletter page on the EATA website, using the Search function at the bottom of the page, you can find something you are interesting from any Newsletter, simply by writing what you are looking for.
Be also aware that all Newsletters will be also available through the EATA official web page including translation to French, Italian, German, Russian and Spanish (translation of this issue still in process).
Enjoy this issue as I enjoyed preparing it.
Thanks to all that worked with me to release it!
EATA Newsletter Editor