EATA Nieuwsbrief februari

Ingekomen mail over de EATA nieuwsbrief:
Dear all,
Please enjoy the February issue of the EATA Newsletter:
Our community is going to live a very important event next May: the III Research Conference will take place in Cagliari, in the wonderful island of Sardinia, Italy. From the pages of the Newsletter you have the chance to get informations about the programme, the keynote speakers and more. Research and practice will “meet and discuss” along an interesting, rich and enriching programme.
And more, you will find experiences where you can really appreciate the contribution TA can give through interesting initiatives from Italy and Croatia.
UK in this issue is part of two significative ideas: found raising for research through sport and online events where we can all grow as transactional analysts.
And looking with a wider geographical vision, there will be space for the Word TA conference that will take place in San Francisco (USA) next August and the announcement of the launch of Berne’s archives.
And as usual, one of my favourites parts… The congratulations to all our colleagues who succeeded in their exams!!!!!
Advertisements and announcements will close the issue.
I hope you can enjoy this Newsletter as much as I did preparing it! Thanks a lot to all who gave their time it make it possible: it has been a pleasure and a treasure to get in contact with all of you!