Videos van EATA over TA

Deze mail ontvingen we van de EATA over mooie video’s die nu te bekijken zijn over TA:
Dear EATA members,
EATA is very keen to find ways to support all its members. At the EATA meeting in Berlin in July 2014 Leilani Mitchell TSTA (P) from the EATA Communications Committee and Tim Jeffes, a very experienced independent producer/director ( and TA trainee ), created five video’s for us to use.
These videos are now on the EATA website to promote TA, EATA and our community.
The EATA Executive encourages all National Associations and their members to use these video’s on their own websites as promotional material. Having different media on your sites helps to make your websites more visible as well as making it interesting and stimulating for those looking at it. You can also use them on sites such as LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and business Facebook pages to create traffic to your website.
The videos are in English but also show the range of nationalities who use TA as well as what people love about TA and the wide range of applications.
We hope that you make use of this resource and that it is useful to you.
Links here:
Marco Mazzetti Interview
What I like about TA
Working with TA
EATA and the Future
What you remember about your TA 101?
They can address the whole list using this link: